Cover image of Rick Steves Scotland Tour Guide 2023Rick Steves is an American travel writer, author, and television personality known for his extensive travel experience and insightful guides. Steves has written numerous travel guides, including the popular “Rick Steves’ Europe” series, which has become the go-to resource for millions of travellers.

Born in 1955 in Edmonds, Washington, Rick Steves began travelling at an early age with his family. His passion for travel continued to grow, he worked as a tour guide, gave travel classes and he eventually started his own travel consultancy business. The business focused on providing travellers with a unique and authentic experience of Europe.

Steves’ travel writing career began in the 1970s with the publication of his first travel guide, “Europe Through the Back Door.” Since then, he has written dozens of guidebooks covering a wide range of destinations.

What sets Steves’ travel guides apart from others is his emphasis on cultural immersion and responsible travel. He encourages travellers to venture off the beaten path and explore local neighbourhoods, interact with locals, and experience the culture first-hand. In addition, Steves is a strong advocate for sustainable and responsible tourism, and his guides provide valuable information on how to minimise the impact of tourism on local communities.

We are thrilled that our B&B, The Ness Guest House in Inverness is included in Rick Steves’ Scotland travel guide, published January 2023. There are only seven guest houses/B&B’s listed in the guide for Inverness, so we’re immensely proud to be recognised and recommended by Rick Steves. We were delighted to read in the guide that the area our bed and breakfast is located in was described as “Inverness’ best B&B neighborhood is the area called ‘The Crown’. This area has a real ‘Goldilocks’ appeal: it feels calm, welcoming, and residential, but you also have quick access to the very heart of town”. We couldn’t agree more!

The Rick Steves Scotland travel guide is an excellent resource for travellers, providing invaluable information on attractions, sights, tours, accommodation, restaurants, bars, transportation and other practicalities and travel tips. Furthermore there is an interesting section on the history of Scotland, past and present: from William Wallace, the Highland clans and Scottish Enlightenment (to name just a few) to the current politics of Scotland.

In addition to his travel writing, Steves has also hosted several television series on PBS, including “Rick Steves’ Europe” and “Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door.” His television shows offer viewers an intimate look at European cultures and customs, and he shares his travel experiences and insights with humour and enthusiasm.

Steves has won numerous awards for his contributions to the travel industry, including the Lowell Thomas Award for Best Travel Book 2022 and Lowell Thomas Gold medal award for his radio program “Travel with Rick Steves,” and the Travel Vanguard Award from the Travel Industry Association.

Rick Steves is a remarkable travel writer, author, radio and television personality who has made a significant impact on the travel industry. His travel guides, television shows, and advocacy work have inspired millions of travellers to explore the world with curiosity, respect, and a deep appreciation for cultural diversity. Whether you are a seasoned traveller or a first-time adventurer, Rick Steves’ guides are an essential resource for anyone who wants to experience Scotland like a local.