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The Ness Guest House B&B | Inverness | Scottish Highlands

About Us

Hello!  This is a first for us – talking about ourselves!  It’s not something we do often.  We love meeting our guests from all over the world and hearing their stories.  We talk to our guests about Scotland, the places, culture, the people and the weather!  So we don’t really talk about ourselves much (honestly!).  However, we thought maybe you would be interested to know a wee bit about your hosts. We are Richard and Susan Tocher, both born and raised in Edinburgh and moved to Inverness in 2012 to open our Bed and Breakfast.  We both had professional careers and had never owned a hospitality business…

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Motorcycle Parking at The Ness Guest House-Barry Smith TT and World Champion

The Ness Guest House, a Biker Friendly Bed and Breakfast

My first bike was a Honda VF500, bought secondhand in Edinburgh in 1995. It had an after market fairing and a diy paint job but was great fun to ride! A few years (and motorcycles!) later, life in Inverness (the capital city of the beautiful Scottish Highlands) is good and I’m out on the open roads, whenever I can, on some of the most scenic routes in the country. That’s one of the best things about Inverness, you don’t have to ride for long before you find yourself in the most stunning of landscapes.Inverness is also the official start and…

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Information panel for the Raigmore Cairn

The Stone Circle That Walked

I’m intrigued by standing stone circles, they are fascinating things.  Firstly I’m astounded by how long they’ve survived and that I can place my hand on an object put there by someone thousands of years ago.   The engineering used to create these mysterious places is impressive, as often they are geometrically correct and aligned to astronomical events.  Then there’s the most captivating aspect to stone circles, why do they exist?  What was their purpose?  Are they burial sites, observatories for watching the stars, do they depict solar/lunar cycles, are they places for social rituals or symbolic of a different set…

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The Crown

I cannot for the life of me parallel park a car! Maybe that’s why I’ve mostly lived in city centres – so that I can walk everywhere! Inverness definitely being the smallest city I’ve ever stayed in – it’s such a friendly place to live and easy to walk around, feels more like a big village! I walk everywhere in Inverness and I’m lucky that my B&B is located right in the city centre. I can walk to all the shops, restaurants and bars and since moving to Inverness from Edinburgh in 2012, I’ve also visited all the tourist attractions…

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