Eco-friendly Stay at The Ness Guest House B&B

When we opened our B&B in 2012, we knew we wanted to offer our guests a comfortable room, a fantastic breakfast, great customer service and all this from the heart of the city centre of Inverness. However, the impact our wee business might have on the environment was a concern to us. How do we offer quality, comfort and great value for money for our guests while reducing the carbon footprint of our B&B?We thought of a few ideas and implemented these immediately – buying as much food as we can from local suppliers, using LED lightbulbs wherever possible, asking…

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The ‘c’ word

I reckon that a wee break from coronavirus overload is what we all need right now! Escape those same four walls, let someone else cook and take the time to recharge your batteries. A few days in Inverness will let you unwind, relax and immerse yourself in some of the most stunning scenery in Scotland.It's not that far to drive to Inverness from most places in Scotland with lots of interesting wee villages to stop and stretch your legs en route. We’re located in the centre of Inverness, a short walk to restaurants, pubs, shops and attractions. You can explore…

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About Us

Hello!  This is a first for us – talking about ourselves!  It’s not something we do often.  We love meeting our guests from all over the world and hearing their stories.  We talk to our guests about Scotland, the places, culture, the people and the weather!  So we don’t really talk about ourselves much (honestly!).  However, we thought maybe you would be interested to know a wee bit about your hosts. We are Richard and Susan Tocher, both born and raised in Edinburgh and moved to Inverness in 2012 to open our Bed and Breakfast.  We both had professional careers and had never owned a hospitality business…

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